Links We're Reading (and Cooking, and Enjoying)...This Week

Jaime Tollas

November is upon us.  Baby's First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch is in the rearview mirror, and we have an eye on the festive season once again.  It's our second holiday season at postmodyrn, and we're getting in the swing of things on Pinterest.  

Speaking of, nothing says "cozy" like something simmering in the slow cooker. (I have the one with the ceramic insert, but my new-mommy girlfriend just got the one with the aluminum insert and it literally goes from stovetop to slow-cooker machine.  Sooo convenient.)  Your house will smell amazing, your family will be fed and happy, and you will feel accomplished with leftovers in the freezer for some other busy day.  Not sure where to start?  20 ideas right here, from breakfast to lunch to dessert and beyond.  

Here is a book we're dying to get our hands on.  If you haven't already checked out Jordan's blog it's definitely worth a gander.  Keeping it real with motherhood, fashion, and humor.  Might be the perfect giftie for the new mom in your life (i.e., you).  

From our friends at Alice & Lois: A tasty seasonal treat that fits right in with your vow to be the healthiest mama you can be?  Yes, please.  

In our last Editors' Eye we mentioned our friend Kate at Style Smaller.  Over the summer she turned us on to this kaftan-inspired delivery gowns for the expecting and brand-new mama.  It's called James Fox Co.  Look gorgeous at the hospital, ladies!

Is holiday travel on the horizon for you and your newbie?  One of my favorite fashion bloggers just posted about her trip to NYFW with Kid & Coe and I'm kind of obsessed.  Fully-stocked, kid-friendly properties in desirable destinations?  Can we plan something?  Please?

Happy November, mamas.  May your home smell like pumpkin spice and everything nice.  

- Jaime

Photo: That's me, the Mister, and my LittleMan, six weeks old and visiting his first pumpkin patch back in 2008.