Happy Anniversary

Jill Standlee

Happy anniversary to us! Hooray! postmodyrn has lived through its very own 4th Trimester! As with all babies, it has been an emotional ride with lots of smiles, tears, and laughs. 

Over the past year we have been thrilled to see that new moms everywhere are no longer just trying to "get through" the 4th Trimester: from Twitter hashtags to People magazine covers, we see a community of women embracing transition and finding (or forging!) a new groove in everything from fashion and food to daily life and "the juggling of it all" (whatever that means…).

We want to thank our amazing & talented Contributors for sharing their expertise & points of view over the last 12 months. Their original content and expert insights truly make postmodyrn a unique resource for new mothers (and even seasoned ones, as we can each attest). A special shout-out to Laura Kurdritzki & Pretty Parlor for being absolutely instrumental in creating a space which illuminates the incredible beauty of our real-life "momdels". Every photo shoot was a ball, and each woman featured on these pages was part of a special moment for postmodyrn.  We also want to thank you: our readers, our advisors, everyone who has commented or supported this project over the past twelve (ahem, 24) months.  It has been a journey, and we couldn't have done it without you.

So what’s next? We are calling it postmodyrn 1.5. We will continue to develop a variety of original content around the 4th Trimester while at the same time showcase a new focus in our core material.  While our archives are rich with "evergreen" articles on postpartum health and wellness, timeless beauty tips, and a vast array of easy, mom-focused recipes, we can't help noticing that the postpartum market is innovating LIKE CRAZY.  Just like any one-year-old, we want to explore what’s new around us and bring it back to YOU.  In the coming year, we will be focused on cutting through the buzz to curate products and services we believe every new mother should know about.  Whether it’s the newest breastfeeding app or services to help you navigate fashion trends and massive body changes at the same time, we’ll share it with you. We want to make your day a little easier, your look a little hotter, and your brain a little less frazzled!

We truly believe After is the New Now. And how awesome is NOW?


Jaime & Jill