Editors' Eye: Business, Woman

Jaime Tollas

It's been an exciting week at postmodyrn as Jill and I begin to map out the editorial for May & June.  Mother's Day may be May 10, but as far as we are concerned May is the Month of Mom (can we just call it that and make it official?  #monthofmom).  In honor of YOU and your bodacious mommy-hood, we are so excited to be launching our partners' series this month with some terrific brands.  

If you've read our FAQ's then you know that we choose our "brands we love" based on a number of admittedly subjective factors, but what it boils down to is that we are all about companies that are good to women & kids, good to the earth, and, for lack of a better word, cool.  This is why we are SO excited to be working with Undercover Mama, Juno Blu, Freshly Picked, and Minted on this month's content.  

Let's start here: all four of these companies were started and are run by WOMEN.  Women who saw a need and thought "Why isn't someone doing this?"  Whether it was that elusive layering piece for the breastfeeding mama, a pump bag a gal can actually feel good about carrying on her commute, a well-designed baby shoe, or an avenue for bringing independent designers to a global marketplace, these women took a shot and ran with it.  

Their stories inspire us.  And we want to read more like them!  The US workforce isn't always kind to women in general -- and to new moms in particular -- which, if/when you move past the injustice, is also pretty ironic.  After all, there's been a lot written lately about why women make great leaders, as well as the potential for female entrepreneurs to impact the global economy.  Companies with greater gender equity fare better financially (just Google "gender equality is good for business" and you'll see pages of proof of this).  Moreover, there is limitless market research that proves that since the Industrial Revolution, women have been the drivers of the consumer economy in almost every category.  

The female culture is one which generally lauds empathy, time- and task-management, and open communication, among other "soft skills" which it turns out are -- surprise! -- great for business.  These skills are also what make us great mothers (and daughters and sisters and partners and friends).  During the 4th Trimester it's easy to feel stretched, stressed, and out-of-sorts, but remember that your empathy, tenacity, and limitless capacity for love are what make you qualified to do this job -- and any other job you set your mind to (with a healthy support system, of course).  In other words, you were made for this, mama.

Whatever your plans are for the #monthofmom, we hope you will enjoy the articles we have planned for you, and we hope you see the photos and content as inspiration.  We know we do.

- Jaime & Jill