roundup of favorite summer swimsuits for all kinds of moms and bodies

Swimsuit Season (there, we said it)

Jaime Tollas

Your months after having a baby are loaded with milestones: the first time you sleep more than four consecutive hours, the first time you go out without the baby, the first time you see your baby’s magical smile, the first day back at work…These are all thrilling, in their way, and affirm that your life is changed forever.


There are also a few milestones that feel more like hurdles, and with summer approaching we have to say that one of those is the first time you wear a swimsuit after giving birth.  


Yikes, you may be thinking.  My abs will never be the same, you may be thinking.  My boobs are frickin’ enormous from the breastfeeding, you may be thinking.  


Of course, some of you may be thinking the opposite:  I can’t wait to show off my post-baby body!  My boobs look fantastic from the breastfeeding!  (If you are thinking this way in the 4th Trimester, then you are probably someone who was always blessed with awesome body confidence.  We applaud that big-time.  And your boobs do look fantastic.)


But no matter what, your body is changed and you are definitely thinking that you need a new swimsuit.  Memorial Day is a-comin’ so now is the time to get out there and try a few things.  Are you going to stick with two-pieces or make the one-piece move?  Have you considered the slimming effects of retro-ruching or graphic side panels?  Do “the girls” need a little extra support — something a bit on the sportier side, perhaps?  


Maybe it’s because San Francisco gets all June-gloomy and I get wanderlust this time of year, but I’ve been pinning all kinds of summer faves on our Pinterest board lately.  Cori helped out in highlighting a few favorites for swimsuit season here.  Happy shopping, ladies — and when all else fails, never underestimate the power of a gorgeous cover-up and a killer pair of shades. 

Hot mama, holla!


1. The classic shades (Ray Ban) // 2. Ruched and retro (Nordstrom) // 3. Bringing sexy back (Macy's) // 4. Sport support (Athleta) // 5. Floral and flirty (Old Navy) // 6. Clean lines (Gap) // 7. Tummy tamer (Modcloth) // 8. Graphic one-piece (J. Crew) // 9. The contemporary cateye (Tory Burch) // 10. Extra up top (Athleta) // 11. Long on coverage (Athleta) // 12. Topping it off (Boden)

Graphic by Cori Magee

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