Simplify Your Life: The Sip 'n See

Jaime Tollas

When you have a baby, one of the first delicate social conundrums you encounter is how to manage all the friends, family, and colleagues who want to come meet the baby.

Now, you probably envisioned yourself as one of those nonplussed, tot-on-hip kind of mamas who could whip up some apps with one hand and change a diaper with the other while a stream of friends comes by to tell you that you look amazing and no one would know you just had a baby.  AND YOU WILL BE.  Just not today.  Instead, in those early, early weeks you realize that you are:

  1. Exhausted
  2. Possibly breastfeeding (and therefore often topless)
  3. Somewhat obsessed with your child’s sleep (thus yours too)

These three factors make it hard when your swinging single chums text you and say: “We’re in the neighborhood and we’d love to stop by and meet the baby!”  The bing of the text wakes the baby and then you are breastfeeding again and as you breastfeed you look at the laundry and then you half-heartedly ask your partner to tidy up because, ugh, people are coming over and you love these people, you really do, but you also really kind of just want to get it over with so you can go back to sleep.

Good news, mama!  You are nobody's victim!  This is the 21st Century!  Take control, I say!  Raise that tired fist!  And then lower it to make an invitation list for your Sip ’n’ See.

The Sip ’n’ See is a lovely little secret that was passed on to me by a Southern friend of mine (it just sounds Southern, doesn’t it?).  It consists of a one-day (one afternoon, really) affair in which ALL your buds and colleagues get to come and meet the baby, on your timeline.  Because it’s a designated time and place and you’ve planned for it, you can have your hair did and pick out a flattering outfit and make your house (or, ideally, someone else’s house) look and smell lovely.  You can schedule the whole thing around your breastfeeding routine.  No more colleagues dropping by at lunch hour, no more surprise witching-hour visits from your childless friends before they head out to dinner on the town…

Your terms.  Your day.  Your Sip ’n’ See.

A few tips as you plan:

  1. OUTSOURCE.  If you can, have a sister/godmother/bestie host this event.  If you can’t, consider making it a potluck, or have an extra set of hands (thanks, Mom!) around.  
  2. Simplify the menu.  This is more of a drop-in event than a party, so a few nibbles and libations are all that’s required.  postmodyrn Eats! offers up some no-cook menu ideas here, or take it one step further and pick up a couple of entertaining trays from Whole Foods.  A fresh juice, some champagne, maybe some coffee take care of the sippin’ portion of the affair.
  3. Stick to your standards!  Anyone who wants to touch the baby should wash their hands first.  Create a little theme around your bathroom and kitchen sink areas by investing in some pretty, non-allergenic soaps — we love these from Method — and maybe a set of coordinated hand towels like these.  (If you are feeling ambitious, you or your hostess could hand out healthy hand sanitizers as party favors — “for next time”).
  4. Simplify the cleanup.  Ideally you have help for this (see OUTSOURCE, above), but be prepared to wipe down counters and sinks, and anywhere else you’ll be hanging with the baby later.  By now you have probably been giving some thought to toxins and their impact on your little one’s health (and your own), so we recommend stocking up on non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products well in advance of the baby being born.

Now, take the next 45 minute break you can find and get a manicure, lady.  And turn off your phone.  Your friends can wait until the Sip ’n’ See.  

Product Photo Credit: Annabelle Breakey

Personal Photos: Me and my LittleMan at our Sip n See, 2008 // LittleMan takes a spin with his godmother (so I could pump, ha) at the Sip n See she hosted for us // Two happy grandpas at a Sip n See

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