a few of our favorite sandals for the summer season

Sandal Time

Jaime Tollas

Summertime, and the living is…busy as ever, amitrite?  Particularly now that you are a new mama, you are no longer celebrating vacation by sleeping until 10am then lounging poolside all day.  Those first summer getaways with baby — if you are brave enough to take them! — involve the same amount of night feeding, nap timing, stroller walking, hat replacing, sunscreening, and Ergo-babying as your life at home (albeit, ideally, in a lighter, warmer setting).

A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I stole away from our husbands and babes for a couple of hours to toast our pregnant bestie with a summer-kickoff pedicure session.  My glossy, pale pink toes were the perfect incentive to excavate my sandal collection from my closet and take inventory.  

Lace-ups are having a major moment this season, and I can’t argue with their bohemian appeal.  But if lace-ups feel a tad bit too festival-chic for you — we aren’t Vanessa Hudgens, after all — a lower buckle-up gladiator is a simpler alternative (I bought these Matt Bernson beauties last year and LIVED in them — definitely worth the investment).  

Of course, the practical mama needs a few slip-on-and-run options as well, which means a trusty, sturdy flip-flop or a sparkly slide (hello, Uggs!) is a summer travel must-have.  

Happy feet, happy mommy!  (Now, can you sneak out for a pedicure between feedings?)

Classic Birkenstock Madrid // Old Navy Printed Slides // Reef Leather Flip-Flops // J. Crew Lace-Up Sandals // Matt Bernson Studded Gladiator // Ugg Slides 

Graphic by Cori Magee

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