Undercover Mama tanks with H&M loungewear
Undercover Mama transition tanks have coverage for a baby bump - then work as nursing tanks later on
Undercover Mama nursing tanks clip onto any bra -- nursing or not
Undercover Mama tanks
In over ten colors, the Undercover Mama tank is a perfect underpinning in the transitional wardrobe

Investing in Transition

Jaime Tollas

One of the most common complaints we hear from pregnant women and postpartum mamas is that they “don’t want to spend money on clothes they’re only going to wear for a few months”.  We hear that — seriously, we’ve been there, and we do — but we also tend to believe that how you look on the outside impacts how you feel on the inside, and if you’re schlepping around in ill-fitting stuff you are going to feel, well, schleppy.

Fashion is actually pretty kind to women-in-transition these days.  Maxi-dressestunics, and jeggings offer a level of give as you fill out and slim down during this year-long roller coaster.  When I was pregnant, I actually took pains to avoid the maternity department, investing instead in a lot of floaty dresses, jazz pants, and even men’s-style button down tops layered over tanks and leggings (although I had to leave more and more buttons open as I grew).

Boobs and bellies being what they are when you are pregnant and breastfeeding, the linchpin to rocking a transitional wardrobe is the right underpinnings: mama needs good coverage.  Back in my day — three years ago — this meant hunting down extra-long Hanes tank tops in the men’s department.  But thankfully, the ladies got wise and decided to solve a fashion dilemma.  Last month we teamed up with transition-wear gurus Undercover Mama to test-drive their seemingly limitless signature tanks, enlisting models from along the pregnancy journey — third trimester, three weeks postpartum, and five months postpartum.  

With ample length for belly coverage, convenient clips that (get this) attach to any kind of bra, nursing or not, a variety of colors, and even the option to get a little sexy with some lace trim, the Undercover Mama tank can stand on its own or be a great undergarment for a nursing mom who doesn’t want to deal with hiking up her shirt to breastfeed.  Our two 4th Trimester lovelies had no problem nursing their little ones on set, and everyone — including our photog, Laura Kudritzki, whose daughter is nine months old — was thrilled to take the tanks home.  (True confessions: I nabbed one too, because as a tall woman I have the hardest time finding long tanks to wear under sheer blouses or this season’s sporty, perforated tops.  It’s seriously my new favorite tank.)

The ladies at Undercover Mama like to refer to their products as “Transition Wear”: clothes that function from pregnancy through breastfeeding and beyond.  Clothes you can feel good about investing in, because nothing is limited by the size of your belly.  At postmodyrn, we believe that transitions are beautiful. Clothes that go the distance, and allow us to get more out of favorites we already own?  Sign us up.

Thanks to Undercover Mama for their partnership on this piece.
Photos: Laura Kudritzki Photography
Hair & Makeup: Pretty Parlor

On Leslie: Jazz Pants & Long CardiganUndercover Mama Nursing Shirt (in gray) // On Samary: “Leather” Sleeve Cardigan & Floral PantsUndercover Mama Nursing Shirt (in white) // On Flesche: Jersey SkirtUndercover Mama Nursing Shirt (in mint)

Shot on location at Recess Urban Recreation, San Francisco

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