Eye-catching & flattering workout gear that goes from bootcamp to coffee with ease.

Form & Function

Jaime Tollas

Working with Advanced Wellness on our latest “your bod” article got me pumped again on workout clothes.  For one thing, our trainer Allee could not have looked fresher in her bright Lucy top and headband, and for another, lately I’m feeling that the sharper I feel in my workout clothes, the better my workout (is that vain?).  

There is also the very simple fact — and I have heard it again and again — that sometimes the biggest barrier to getting moving is the daunting act of changing one’s clothes.  Again.

Now, it’s true that here at postmodyrn we generally try to steer our mamas away from the yoga-pants-all-day-everywhere trap.  We firmly believe that a good pair of jeans and a swipe of lipstick go a long way towards towards making the 4th Trimester lady feel more at home in her own skin (fake it till you make it, and all that).  With that said, however, the growing athleisure trend shows no signs of slowing down, and there are a lot of options out there that marry form and function in an energizing way.  

It’s Spring, after all!  Maybe the best way to treat yourself is by joining a Stroller Bootcamp, and kitting yourself out in gear that will go the distance with your workout AND see you through a cup of coffee with your new tribe.  Just skip the basic black and make it punchy.  Some faves:

  1. The psychedelic print on these Athleta capris.  (Gun-shy about prints?  Try panel detailing, as seen here.  Panels = Slimming.  Fact.)
  2. Shapewear!  Intrigued to try out the Perfect Booty Pant and see if the magic is real.
  3. Black & White or Blue & Blue -- and on a budget, no less!  Old Navy Active.
  4. These 2-in-1 shorts -- the best of both worlds?
  5. Loose & trendy from H&M.
  6. Simple, flattering tops at all price points: Old Navy // Athleta // Old Navy // H&M
  7. Chic little extras: a fun headband and an eye-catching water bottle 

Graphic by Cori Magee


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