Jill and Jaime

Jill loved being an ad-exec – the pace, the people, standing at the intersection where business meets art. Her corporate experience cultivated strong people skills (let’s all play well in the sandbox, shall we?) and an ability to think fast on her feet, which Jill soon learned were truly transferable skills as she navigated 15 years in the business from New York City to Dallas to San Francisco. Then 2006 brought a new opportunity, and Jill realized she was ready to take on a new management role: Mom. 

Raising her daughter, running her household, and considering her future as an entrepreneur, Jill spent a lot of time learning from other mothers. Her playground “research” laid bare one commonality among many of her new peers — those who chose to stay home with baby along with those trying reconcile fast-paced careers with the new demands on their time (and their bodies): they were unsettled. The so-called pregnancy glow had dimmed, and they often felt stressed, frumpy, alone, and overwhelmed.

In 2010 Jill founded fit, a personal-styling service catering to new moms both on and off the playground. Over the next few years she began to study the maternity and post-maternity markets in earnest, noticing more than anything the growing societal pressures on pregnant and postpartum women — from Demi Moore’s baby bump to the toned abs of countless starlets "weeks after baby!", from Dr. Sears to Sheryl Sandberg. The need for the postmodyrn voice began to take shape.

Finding the right partner seemed daunting until Jill met Jaime for coffee one morning to talk schools and wound up talking social media instead. Here was the missing piece to her postmodyrn puzzle. And as they say – or will say – the rest is history.

Photo: Ristaino Photography

A career non-profit fundraiser and project manager in education and the arts, Jaime began dipping a toe in the digital waters after the birth of her first child.  Her well-received (if under-distributed) blog, Less on the Floor, chronicles her passage from Type-A Princeton grad and careerist to working mother over a period of six years, two apartments, and two kids.  

A chance coffee with Jill to discuss Kindergarten enrollment led to a long conversation about raising kids in the digital age, and when Jill reached out later with the postmodyrn concept, Jaime jumped at the chance to try something bigger.  Deeply interested in the female experience as we transition to motherhood — with all its joy, confusion, and choice — Jaime also brings a passion for writing, respect for a well-designed blog, and strong editorial voice to the postmodyrn project.

Now a non-profit consultant and freelance writer (with an apparently limitless side passion for fashion blogs, shoes, and statement necklaces…), Jaime lives in her native San Francisco with her husband and their two spirited children: an elementary-aged son, and preschool-aged daughter.

Photo: Ristaino Photography