The Simplest Things

Jaime Tollas

Have you heard of Meal Train?  If you are a new mom (or a friend of a new mom) I highly recommend you check it out.

A friend of mine (and fellow blogger Style Smaller) had her third baby a few weeks ago.  Her daughter is in my son's class and we've all been watching her pregnancy unfold over the past year.  

When the little man arrived on the scene, another mom suggested we put together a meal train.  At the time I thought, Oh, that's a nice idea but a lot to coordinate.  There are over 70 kids in the class and you need to arrange the drop-off times and make sure there isn't a ton of overlap in the food offerings...Anyway, I really applauded this lady's generosity of spirit (and apparent free time!) and said sure, I'll bring a meal.  Just tell me what to do.  

Instead, she sent me a link to Meal Train.  You see, she was using the term in the proper-noun sense: meaning, there is a service called Meal Train that takes all the work out of coordinating 70 or so of your not-necessarily-closest friends to bring food to a new mama.  Sign in and you can see a full calendar of who is bringing what and when, dates the family has blocked off, and delivery instructions.  It sounds so simple it's, like, stupid...but as someone who has tried to corral these types of efforts in the past I thought it was genious. 

So do yourself a favor and put together a great month of meals for the new mom in your life -- while sparing yourself the headache of tracking it all!  Everybody wins.

p.s. This is the recipe we made.  We brought naan bread, cilantro leaves, Greek yogurt and some greens to serve with.  

Image courtesy of Williams-Sonoma.