Links We Couldn't Resist...This Week

Jaime Tollas

Happy Friday!  

Here are a few of things that got us thinking (or laughing...or lusting) this week.

the “capsule wardrobe” phenomenon…can simplifying really be this, well, simple?

(ours would probably have to include the perfect summer sandal, and…

a demure caftan — with an unexpected flash of leg)

female servicewomen: their amazing sacrifice and courage, and all that they stand for as pioneers in a male-dominated culture

Scary Mommy’s hilarious “mom purse” breakdown

this woman and her 13th SON (!!!!)

fashion-blogger-baby-mamas: raising babies and looking fab

summer-licious (and nutritious) peanut butter banana “ice cream”

… and while we’re at it: crunchy, creamy avocado fries (whaaat?)

female CEO’s kicking ass — but we all knew they could

Enjoy your weekends, mamas.

- Jaime & Jill


Photo (and recipe) via Pinch of Yum