a roundup of of-the-moment hats for all kinds of moms

Roundup: Favorite Hats

Jaime Tollas

I’m a mom who — despite a thousand different haircuts, bangs and no bangs, “lobs” and long tresses — has hair that is just…there.  It just…kind of…hangs there.​  Don’t get me wrong.  When I find the time to whip out the old flatiron or the curling wand I can make it all into something fabulous(ish).  But hairstyling at my current length takes about 11 minutes (yes, I’ve timed it): precious, precious minutes that could be used for something more essential, like sleeping.  Or feeding a child.  Or feeding myself.  Or digging under the crib for a paci or putting the babes’ shoes on (again) or -- imagine this -- actually getting somewhere on time.

This is one reason why I love me a good hat.  When my daughter was born and my hair was in a ponytail for about six months straight, I bought a gray flannel newsboy cap from Old Navy and I lived in it.  Racing from the 4pm breastfeeding session to my toddler son’s daycare for pick-up, I I threw on the Ergo, a leather jacket, some sunglasses, and my cap, and I realized this: although they hide a multitude of didn’t-have-time-for-it sins, hats have the effect of making you look like you’ve actually put some thought into your outfit. 

Lucky for you, hats are having a moment, so we've rounded up a few of our favorites for moms of all millinery inclinations.

A felt wide-brim is the bohemian favorite du jour, and a simple straw fedora elevates a white tee shirt and cutoffs in warmer climes.  But you don't have to get that ambitious if you prefer to keep it simple (and who doesn't?).  This year's obsession with “athleisure wear” (which, honestly, is just “wear” for most of us, no?) means you can look chic in a carefully-chosen baseball cap.  Still hesitant?  Just grab a basic beanie in a pretty shade (the one pictured here is $3!) and slouch it up.  (I recommend this great little how-to on the most flattering way to wear a beanie from Cup of Jo.) 

What bad hair day?  Check out my HAT!

Sienna Stone Fedora // Barts Hudson Beanie // Vintage Floppy Felt Fedora // Stella McCartney Baseball Cap // Nine West Newsboy Cap // Nine West Rancher Hat // Biltmore Fedora // Forever 21 Beanie // Weekday Pile Hat

Graphic by Cori Magee

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