faded high-rise skinnies make bending over to buckle the car seat a breeze
a sexy mid-rise means no more tugging up the waist of your low-rise skinnies
feel good about denim after baby
date-night denim: dark wash, hi-rise, boot cut jeans and a sexy jacket
High-rise leather skinnies are unexpectedly classic with a simple sweater and booties
Dare to step-out in high-rise leather skinnies

The Return of the High-Waisted Jean

Jill Standlee

In many ways, fashion history can be tracked by the rise and fall of jeans — the waistband, that is.  You may have noticed that this season the high-waisted jean is back in action in a major way, which can strike fear in the hearts of many (mom jeans? hell, no).  But if you choose wisely, this look may be the perfect solution for the 4th Trimester mama: a look that holds you in AND allows you to bend over (to pick up your baby, to buckle the car seat, to unload the stroller…) without fear.

The late 2000’s saw fashion transition to the era of skinny jeans and low waistbands.  The rise of a women’s jean — defined as the length from the seam of the crotch to the top of the waistband —  went from an average 9” to a mere 7 3/4.”  As a fashion culture, we adapted, and now have become quite accustomed to tugging up our jeans as an involuntary movement (almost like patting your tummy when you were pregnant!).  

Well, we’re midway through the next decade and who knows why (honestly, who cares why?), but the jean rise is on the rise.  This is good for all women – and a little extra gift to 4th Trimester ladies since our tummies are much happier within the confines of good-fitting pair of jeans.  Who wants to wriggle into her old low-rises only to camouflage the midsection with layers of tops and jackets?

Runway models are rocking some extreme waists, but the truth is, the ‘it’ rise isn’t real high.  Think of it more as a mid-rise.  It is more flattering, more functional and just more fabulous than its cousin the low-rise (and let’s not even discuss low-low rise – yes there is one of those, but you’re not 14 anymore).  The mid-rise comes in all of your favorite cuts (skinny, boot, straight) and all of your favorite brands, and finishes from faded to leather.

A new pair of jeans? you’re thinking.  NOW?  

We know.  You’re tired and feeling less-than-at-home in your skin.  It’s mighty tempting to pull on your old low-rises with your trusty belly band, or even to put on those maternity jeans just a few more times.  You may also say “I don’t want to buy anything until I lose the baby weight.”  

To this we say Noooooo! Psychologically, it’s just a bad move – and physically it’s not the most comfortable either.   Look: the whole time you were pregnant you wardrobed yourself in clothing you purchased for a limited time.   You are now in the midst of a major identity shift and you deserve to feel good about yourself when you get dressed.  

Why not start with your jeans, that building-block of almost every wardrobe?  The next time you find yourself with 45 minutes between naps and feeding, we urge you to take some inspiration from our model and scoot on over to your favorite jean store ASAP.  Who knows, you might find your self-esteem on the rise too.

On Model:
LOOK 1: Joe's Jeans Hi-Rise Bernadette Legging // Gypsy Dolman Top // RocketDog Sparkle Flats
LOOK 2: DL1961 Jennifer Hi-Rise Boot // AS by DF Neoprene Shell //  AS by DF Perforated Bomber
LOOK 3: 7 For All Mankind Knee-Seam Leather Skinnies // Ivanka Trump Booties

Wardrobe furnished by The Blues Jean Bar, San Francisco

Laura Kudritzki Photography
Hair & Make-up: Justin Lee, Cinta Aveda Institute
Shot on location at The Blues Jean Bar, San Francisco

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